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Some Consistency Strength Analyses using Higher Core Models

This page contains links to my doctoral thesis Some Consistency Strength Analyses using Higher Core Models. It will appear in the series Bonner Mathematische Schriften (ISSN 0524045X). The full text is available as DVI, Postscript or PDF file.

Please note: the thesis is typeset using the Concrete Roman fonts designed by Donald Knuth. To print the DVI file, you have to have these fonts installed. They are already included in many recent TeX distributions and are freely available from the CTAN servers. The Postscript and PDF files come with the necessary fonts embedded. However, these are resolution dependent Type 3 fonts, currently optimized for 600 dpi printers. The thesis also uses the XY-pic LaTeX macro package to typeset some figures. Special fonts are again needed for the DVI file, whereas the Postscript and PDF files should print immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any problems printing the files.


Concrete Roman Fonts


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