Algebraic Geometry II

I am a tutor for the course Algebraic Geometry II.

There is one tutorial on Tuesday from 12:00 - 14:00 in room 0.003 and another on Wednesday from 14:00 - 16:00 in room 1.008.

There is a mailing list used for announcements related to the course. You can subscribe by following the instructions here.

Problem sheets discussed in the tutorials will (after a suitable delay) be posted below. These problem sheets are not an 'official' part of the Algebraic Geometry II course.

Week beginning 8/4/2019

Week beginning 15/4/2019

Week beginning 22/4/2019

Week beginning 29/4/2019

Week beginning 6/5/2019

Week beginning 13/5/2019

(if you missed the Wednesday tutorial due to Dies Academicus, you can read my notes here).

Week beginning 20/5/2019

If you'd like to see more examples of divisors, you might want to consult Hartshorne II.6. (Another good place to look is Volume I of Shafarevich.)

If you'd like to learn about divisors in the context of complex surfaces, there are few better places to turn than the remarkable little book of Beauville ('Complex Algebraic Surfaces').

Week beginning 27/5/2019

We needed to use the group law on the cubic to solve question 1. If you'd like a refresher/overview and a full solution, click here.

Week beginning 3/6/2019

Week beginning 17/6/2019

Week beginning 24/6/2019

Week beginning 1/7/2019