Felipe Gonçalves



You must send me a summary (pdf with at most 3 pages) of your presentation with 2 weeks in advance!

We will follow the book Multiplicative Number Theory by Davenport (2nd edition) and the topics will consist of chapters. The chapters have only few pages. The book explains the theory from a historical point of view, so it is a great chance to be introduced to the theory the right way. A priori we have 12 participants, however I have chosen 15 topics (some slightly more difficult or technical than others). The system will be first come first served. Topics N and O are reserved as extra topics, so please select your topic from A to L and also include a backup topic, in case your topic was already stolen.

After all first 12 topics are assigned, I will send back an email asking for people to take extra topics.

For those that will present an extra topic, your grade will be the one from your best performance. Wanting to do extra work will be seen with very good eyes.

If you have any question in preparing your presentation feel free to send me an email or schedule an appointment in my office, I am here to help.

There will be a 15min tee break in every presentation, so split your talk in two parts.

I recommend board presentations, as they are more didactic, but if you choose slides please try to be go in a slow pace.

TOPICS and DATES [N0.007, every Friday from 10ct to 12]:

A) Chapters 1 and 4 [Nuria, Oct 11]
B) Chapters 2 and 3 [Max, Oct 18]
C) Chapter 5 [Jan, Oct 25]
D) Chapter 6 [Nuno Hultberg, Nov 8]
E) Chapters 8 and 9 [Wozniak, Nov 15]
F) Chapters 10, 11 and 12 [Dimpker, Nov 22]
G) Chapters 13 and 14 [Yanick, Nov 29]
H) Chapters 15 and 16 [Gevorg, Dec 13]
I) Chapters 17 and 18 [Nuno Arala, Dec 20]
J) Chapters 19 and 20 [Kroemer, Jan 10]
K) Chapters 21 and 22 [Marc, Jan 17]
L) Chapters 23 and 24 [Lennart, Jan 24]