Yajnaseni Dutta

Foto Dutta

Endenicher Allee 60, 53115 Bonn
Office 3.003
E-mail: Y. Dutta

I am a Postdoc/associate member at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn. My postdoctoral mentor is Prof. Daniel Huybrechts. I graduated from Northwestern University with a PhD thesis written under the supervision of Prof. Mihnea Popa.

Research Interest

Birational geometry, Hodge modules and Hodge theory, families of varities and positivity problems. Here is my CV.


Some notes

  • Notes from my talk at the Bonn/Paris learning serminar on moduli of Hyperkaehler manifolds.
  • Notes from my talk on D-modules in birational geometry - Short course, Univ. of Chicago, 2018
  • Notes from my talk in the HPD learning seminar at Bonn. Semi orthogonal decomposition of D^b( H L ) . Supplemental notes computing the cohomology of H L