Current students

Master students

  1. Martin Böhm

Bachelor students

Former students

Master students

  1. Jona Klemenc, The stable hull of exact infinity-categories (Aug 2020)
    arXiv preprint

  2. Calvin Pfeifer, Torsion classes and wide subcategories (Jan 2020)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Christof Geiss in Odense
    arXiv preprint

  3. Jan-Paul Lerch, Bijections in tau-tilting theory (Oct 2019)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Henning Krause in Bielefeld

  4. Aran Tattar, On Gorenstein k-categories (Apr 2018)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schroll in Leicester

Bachelor students

  1. Felix Anton Brandt, Decomposition theorems for persistence modules (Feb 2021)

  2. Tanja Helme, Cluster-Algebren und Kettenbrüche (Sep 2020)

  3. George Tyriard, A Morita-theoretic proof of the Dold-Kan correspondence (Sep 2020)

  4. Aaron Wild, Lurie’s differential graded nerve is a right Quillen functor (Sep 2020)

  5. Roman Höffken, Morita Theorie für Ringe und Kategorien (Jan 2020)

  6. Vincent Siebler, The derived category of a gentle algebra (Dec 2019)