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SoSe21 V5A2

Selected Topics in Algebra

Differential Graded Categories


Due to containment measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the course will be managed through eCampus for the duration of the semester. The lecture notes and the exercise sheets will also be available in this website.

First lecture

Fr. 16.04.2021


Fr. 12:15–13:45

The lectures will take place online via Zoom. Please see the eCampus website for the Zoom Meeting ID and the password for the meetings.

Lecture notes

Lecture notes

(password = password for the Zoom Meeting)


  • Basic representation theory of quivers and algebras: representations, Jordan-Hölder Theorem, etc.
  • Basic category theory: categories, functors, natural transformations, limits, colimits, etc.
  • Basic homological algebra: exact sequences, complexes, (co-)resolutions, Ext and Tor, etc.

Basic knowledge of derived categories of abelian categories or of triangulated categories will not be assumed, but will be helpful.


The course will consist on a (biased) introduction to the representation theory of differential graded algebras with a particular focus on some of its applications to representation theory of quivers and algebras.


Lecture notes will be made available online as the course progresses. Recommended complementary literature will be included in the notes.