V3D1/F4D1 - Topology I
Winter tern 2021/22

Lecturer: Daniel Kasprowski
Assistent:Tobias Lenz
Lectures:Wednesdays 8 c.t. - 10 and Thursdays 10 c.t. - 12
Zoom-ID:942 5599 7128
Q&A-session:Mondays 10 c.t., Kleiner Hörsaal
The lecturers will take place via Zoom and the login data is available on eCampus. The password is Topo2021. On eCampus you can also find recordings of the lectures and the exercise sheets.
The first lecture will be on Wednesday 13.10. and the first Q&A-session on Monday 18.10. The exercise groups will start on 21./22. To participate in the Q&A-session or the exercise groups taking place at the university (i.e. groups 1 - 3) you must be vaccinated, recovered or tested.

The exam will be on February 11th from 13:00 to 15:00 in Großer Hörsaal and Kleiner Hörsaal. The second exam will be on March 14th.


CW-complexes, (singular) homology and cohomology, cup and cap products.



Point set topology (e.g. compactness and Hausdorff spaces), fundamental group, covering space theory

Exercise groups

Group 1Th 8-10DanielSR 0.007
Group 2Fr 8-10HannaSR 0.007
Group 3Fr 10-12EkinSR 0.007
Group 4Th 16-18Annaonline
Group 5Fr 10-12Heikoonline
Group 6Th 14-16FelixSR 1.008