Oberseminar Analytic Number Theory and Automorphic Forms

summer term 2023

Apr 13: Schinzel's hypothesis and rational points (Efthymios Sofos)
Apr 20: Absence of embedded eigenvalues for higher rank locally symmetric spaces (Lasse Wolf)
Apr 27: Arithmetic Statistics, Automorphic Forms and Ergodic Methods
May 4: Discrete moments of the Riemann zeta function (Junxian Li)
May 11: Group Actions and Harmonic Analysis in Number Theory
May 18: public holiday - no seminar
May 25: tba (Huimin Zhang)
June 1: pentecost week - no seminar
June 8: tba (Bart Michels)
June 15: tba (Radu Toma)
June 22: tba (Wing Hong Leung)
June 29: master thesis talks
Jul 6: tba (Chris Lutsko)
Jul 13: tba (Edgar Assing)

winter term 2022/23

Oct 18: Equations and character sums with matrix powers (Igor Shparlinksi)
Oct 25: Trivial bounds for Kloosterman sums (Edgar Assing)
Nov 1: no talk - public holiday
Nov 8: Moments of L-functions via the relative trace formula (Ramon Nunes)
Nov 15: Aperiodicity of translational tilings (Rachel Greenfeld)
Nov 22: On the restriction norm of Siegel modular forms (Gilles Felber)
Nov 29: Bounds for some p-adic convolution integrals (Bart Michels)
Dec 6: Non-vanishing of twists of L-functions (Junxian Li)
Dec 13: Integral solutions to Rosenberg type equations (Stefano Romano)
A uniform Weyl law (Alberto Acosta Reche)
Jan 17: Short second moment bounds and subconvexity for GL(3) L-functions (Wing Hong Leung)
Jan 24: Joint equidistribution (d'après I. Khayutin) (Radu Toma)

summer term 2022

Apr 14: Controlling the de Bruijn-Newman constant (Lukas Mauth)
Apr 21: The density hypothesis (Edgar Assing)
Apr 28: A new form of the circle method (Junxian Li)
May 5: Moments of L-functions and the relative trace formula (Ramon Nunes)
May 12: The real and p-adic geometry of torus orbits (Bart Michel)
May 19: Integral solutions to Roenberg type equations II (Stefano Romano)
On the geodesic L^2 restriction problem (Dana Abou Ali)
June 2: On the distribution of geodesics, and L-functions (Petru Constantinescu)
June 8: 59th ABKL seminar
June 23: L^2 growth of Eisenstein series I (Subhajit Jana)
Jul 7: Bounding Eisenstein series via the trace formula (Amitay Kamber)
Jul 14: Sphere packing and modular forms d'après M. Viazovska (Gilles Felber)

winter term 2021/22

Oct 14: Equidistribution for vector valued Siegel modular forms (Edgar Assing)
Oct 21: Simultaneous large values of Dirichlet L-functions in the critical strip (Junxian Li)
Oct 28: Dissipation of correlations of holomorphic cusp forms (Petru Constantinescu)
Nov 4: The sup-norm problem for cocompact subgroups from division algebras (Radu Toma)
Nov 11: Growth of Fourier coefficiens of vector-valued automorpic forms (Subham Bhakta)
Nov 18: The reseonance method in higher rank (Bart Michels)
Nov 25: A nice way to supply vector-valued modular forms (Jitendra Bajpai)
Dec 2: Partitions into primes with a Chebotarev condition (Amita Malik)
Dec 9: Restriction norm of Siegel modular forms on the imaginary axis (Gilles Felber)
Dec 16: Eigenvalue statistics of tori and the value distribution of random quadratic forms (Valentin Blomer)
Jan 13: Bounding self-dual L-functions (Ramon Moreira)
Jan 20: Energies of modular roots (Bryce Kerr)
Jan 27: L^2 growth of Eisenstein series and optimal diophantine exponent (Subhajit Jana)
Feb 3: Integral solutions to Rosenberg type equation (Stefano Romano)
On the geodesic L^2 restriction problem (Dana Abou Ali)

summer term 2021

see here: Arithmetic applications of Fourier analysis

winter term 2020/21

Oct 26: How large can a cusp form on GL(n) be? (Edgar Assing)
Nov 6: Joint value distribution of L-functions (Junxian Li)
Nov 13: What's new in subconvexity? (Valentin Blomer)
Nov 20: On Kloosterman paths (Djordje Milićević)
Nov 27: On additive twists of Maass forms (Asbjørn Nordentoft)
Dec 4: Higher moment on higher rank groups (Subhajit Jana)
Dec 11: Uniform bounds for norms of theta series and arithmetic applications (Fabian Waibel)
Dec 18: The intersection number of closed geodesics (Naser Talebizadeh Sardari)
Jan 15: Sumsets and the primes (Pierre-Yves Bienvenu)
Jan 22: A density theorem for Sp(4) (Siu Hang Man)
Jan 29: Atkin-Lehner-Operators on GL(3) (Radu Toma)
Feb 5: Geometric sieve and strong approximation (Zhizhong Huang)
Feb 12: An observation about GSp(4) automorphic forms (is there free lunch?) (Edgar Assing)