RG Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

V5B8: Selected Topics in Analysis - Weighted inequalities

Summer Semester 2017

Dr. Pavel Zorin-Kranich


  • Friday 10-12, SR 0.011


Oral exams take place on August 4 and August 10.


The lecture notes cover the topics listed below unless there is a link to an external source.
  1. Fefferman-Stein inequality
  2. The Ap condition
  3. Extrapolation, sparse operators
  4. Calderón-Zygmund operators
  5. Calderón-Zygmund operators, continued
  6. May 26: sparse domination for a nontangentional maximal operator
  7. June 2: A and the reverse Hölder inequality
  8. June 23: mixed A estimates
  9. June 30: intrinsic square function, only Section 2 without Lemma 2.2 and with v=1, beta=1.
  10. July 7: Embedding A into Ap; Orlicz spaces
  11. July 14: Fefferman-Stein type inequality for sparse operators, following this article, another proof of sparse domination following this article
  12. July 21: Counterexample to Muckenhoupt-Wheeden conjecture


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