Carleson theorems and Radon type behaviour

Bonn, May 25 - May 30, 2014


Lillian Pierce (Uni Bonn) pierce@math.uni-bonn.de
Christoph Thiele (Uni Bonn) thiele@math.uni-bonn.de
Po Lam Yung (Oxford) yung@maths.ox.ac.uk



The Summer School will take place from May 25. - May 30. 2014 at Bonn.

The typical participant will be a graduate student or postdoc and not necessarily an expert on the topic, but interested in jointly learning the subject.

Participants will be required to prepare two 50min lectures on some topic in advance, and submit a 4-6 page summary of their topic prior to the summer school, at the latest by May 15. 2014. A brief outline of the area covered as well as the topics are listed here.

Funding for the summer school has been requested.

Sunday May 25. will be the arrival day. From Monday to Friday the participants will give the lectures that they have prepared in advance. Closure will be after lunch on Friday May 30.


Space is limited to 15 participants.

If granted, funds will provide for accommodation and a contribution towards travelling expenses may be available upon request.

If you would like to participate, please send an informal email to thiele@math.uni-bonn.de by January 31. 2014. Please describe your professional status (graduate student, postdoc, etc) your area of research and your motivations for participating in the summer school.

Please also indicate your preference for a topic on which to prepare a lecture. The organizers are happy to answer questions on the assigned topics anytime.

Students from Bonn may take credit for a seminar S4B2.