Jan Schröer

FD-Open Problems

My aim is to provide a list of conjectures, open problems and questions on the representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. None of the problems or conjectures is due to myself. I just compiled them from the existing literature. I will update the very poor lists of references in the near future.
Your are welcome to send comments and suggestions.
All this is influenced by my personal taste and ignorance.
Homological Conjectures
Conjecture on Rigid Modules
Conjectures and Questions Related to Kac's Theorem
Conjectures on Stable Equivalences
Auslander-Reiten Components and Representation Type
Properties of Modules and Representation Type
Classification of Minimal Algebras
Infinite Radical, Krull-Gabriel Dimension and Representation Type
Extensions of Indecomposables
Further Conjectures on Representation Types More conjectures will be added. Please send me your suggestions!