Jan Schröer

Conferences and Research Stays (2015-)

I apologize for declining invitations to conferences or seminar talks on a regular basis. In each year I'm trying to participate in at most four mathematical events outside of Bonn.


19.09. - 30.10. Research stay, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge. Program "Cluster algebras and representation theory"


(postponed) BIRS Workshop, Casa Matematica Oaxaca, Mexico.
19.01. - 25.01. Workshop "Representation theory of quivers and finite-dimensional algebras", Oberwolfach.
Lecture: "Schemes of modules over gentle algebra and laminations of surfaces"


24.09. - 26.09. Workshop "Representation Theory in Bielefeld - Past and Future", Bielefeld.
Lecture: "Schemes of modules over gentle algebras"
16.09. - 20.09. Hausdorff School on Stability Conditions in Representation Theory, Bonn
31.08. - 15.09. Research stay, UNAM (Mexico).
02.06. - 15.06. Workshop/Conference, RIMS, Kyoto.
Lecture: "Algebras associated with a Cartan datum"
29.05. Oberseminar Algebra und Algebraische Geometrie, Paderborn.
Lecture: "Algebras associated with a Cartan datum"
18.02. - 27.02. Research stay, Torun.


25.11. - 01.12. Workshop "Enveloping algebras and geometric representation theory", MFO, Oberwolfach.
28.10. - 02.11. BIRS Workshop "Stability conditions and representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras", Casa Matematica Oaxaca, Mexico.
20.04. - 21.04. Workshop "Discrete Categories in Representation Theory", Bielefeld.
19.03. - 23.03. Conference "Cluster Algebras: Twenty years on", CIRM, Luminy.
Lecture: "Irreducible components of module varieties and cluster algebras"


04.09. - 08.09. ARTA Conference, CIRM, Luminy.
24.07. - 26.07. PhD Viva of Rosanna Laking, University of Manchester, UK.
10.05. - 13.05. Conference on the occasion of Idun Reiten's 75th birthday, Trondheim.
Lecture: "Algebras with irreducible module varieties"
19.03. - 26.03. Research stay, Torun.
26.02. - 04.03. RIP stay, MFO, Oberwolfach.
19.02. - 25.02. Workshop "Representation theory of quivers and finite-dimensional algebras", MFO, Oberwolfach.
Lecture: "Quivers with relations for symmetrizable Cartan matrices: Crystal graphs"


30.09. - 08.10. Research stay, UNAM, Mexico.
Lecture: "Convolution algebras and enveloping algebras"
13.02 - 20.02. Research stay, UNAM, Mexico.


07.12. - 09.12. Geometry Seminar, EPFL, Lausanne.
Lecture: "Enveloping algebras and convolution algebras"
11.10. - 17.10. Research stay, Torun, Poland.
Lectures in the Algebra Seminar and in the Representation Theory Seminar.
11.09. - 12.09. Conference "Derived categories of finite-dimensional algebras", honoring Hideto Asashiba on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Shizuoka University, Japan.
Lecture: "Gorenstein algebras associated with Cartan matrices"
07.09. - 10.09. 48th Symposium on Ring Theory and Representation Theory Nagoya University, Japan.
Lectures: "Convolution algebras and enveloping algebras I+II"
09.06. - 11.06. Algebra and Geometry Seminar, La Sapienza, Rome. Lecture: "Enveloping algebras of Kac-Moody algebras as convolution algebras"
27.03. - 31.03. Conference on the Interaction of Representation Theory with Geometry and Combinatorics, HIM, Bonn
08.02. - 16.02. Research stay, Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm
Lecture: "Preprojective algebras associated with symmetrizable Cartan matrices"