Dr. Andreas Mihatsch                              My CV ↗

Address Mathematisches Institut
Universität Bonn
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn
Phone +49-(0)228-73-62369
Email mihatsch (add ''at''math.uni-bonn.de)
Office Room 4.024
Group Arbeitsgruppe Arithmetische Algebraische Geometrie in Bonn

Upcoming Talks and Events

Jan. 2023AIM Special Session on Automorphic Forms and Special Cycles at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Boston
Talk title: On Arithmetic Transfer for GL_2n (Slides)
Jan. 2023 Oberwolfach Workshop on Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties
Sep. 2023 Conference on "Modular Forms and Arithmetic Geometry" in Darmstadt, on the occasion of Tonghai Yang's 60th birthday
Oct. 2023 Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry in Münster, on the occasion of Michael Rapoport's 75th birthday
Co-organized w/ Eugen Hellmann, Timo Richarz and Eva Viehmann. Have a look at the poster!

Publications and Preprints

Teaching (Courses and Seminars)

CurrentS2A1 Hauptseminar Darstellungen endlicher Gruppen
Summer 2022V5A2 Selected Topics Course in Algebra on Arithmetic Intersections
S4A1 Seminar on Jacobians of Curves (Homepage and Program, w/ J. Anschütz)
Winter 2021/22V5A1 Advanced Topics in Algebra on Moduli of Elliptic curves
ARGOS Oberseminar on Arithmetic Bigness and Uniform Bogomolov (w/ P. Scholze)
Summer 2021V4A5 Advanced Algebra 1 on Abelian Varieties (including Exercises)
Winter 2020/21S2A3/S4A5 Seminar on Quadratic Forms (Homepage and Program)
Exercises for V3A2/F4A1 Algebra 2 on Algebraic Number Theory
Summer 2019ARGOS Oberseminar on the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma (w/ M. Rapoport)
Exercises for Mathematik für Geowissenschaftler II
Winter 2018/19V5A3 Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry on Differential forms in non-archimedean geometry
Summer 2018V5A4 Selected Topics in Algebraic Geometry on Moduli spaces of p-divisible groups
ARGOS Oberseminar on the B_dR^+ Grassmannian (w/ P. Scholze)
Summer 2016Exercises for V3A1/F4A1 Algebra 1

Teaching (Supervised Theses)

CurrentPaul Siemon (Comparison of the Gross-Zagier and the Gan-Gross-Prasad formula, M.Sc.)
Calle Sönne (KR divisors and CM cycles in the function field setting, M.Sc.)
2022Rein Groesbeek (RZ spaces for inner forms of GL_n, M.Sc.)
Lucas Gerth (Generating series of CM cycles on the modular curve, M.Sc.)
2021Nuno Hultberg (An AFL for inner forms of GL_2n, M.Sc.)
2020Silvan Rincke (Moduli of Shtuka for G_m, M.Sc.)
2019Nuno Hultberg (Ring class fields and their application to diophantine equations, B.Sc.)
Leo Gitin (A reciprocity law for global function fields, B.Sc.)

Past Talks and Events

Aug. 2022 Speaker at the Young researcher's conference on non-archimedean and tropical geometry in Regensburg
Jul. 2022 Participant of the IHES Summer School on the Langlands Program
June 2022 Speaker at the Seminari de Geometria Algebraica de Barcelona
May 2022 Speaker at the GAUS Seminar in Frankfurt
May 2022 Speaker at the N-Cube Days in Copenhagen
Feb. 2022 Speaker at the Oberwolfach Workshop on Non-Archimedean Geometry and Applications
Oct. 2021 Speaker at the Oberseminar Arakelov Theory in Regensburg
Apr. 2021 Speaker at the Essener Seminar
Mar. 2021 Speaker at the University of Arizona Algebra and Number Theory Seminar
Jan. 2021 Participant of the AIM Workshop on Intersection Theory on Shimura Varieties
June 2020 Speaker at the ZAGA (Zoom Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic) Seminar
Apr. 2020 Speaker at the Columbia University Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic Seminar
Nov. 2019 Speaker at the University of Maryland Algebra and Number Theory Seminar
Nov. 2019 Speaker at the MIT Number Theory Seminar
Oct. 2019 Speaker at the Clay Mathematics Institute Workshop on Periods, Representations and Arithmetic
Sep. 2019 Visiting Postdoc at MIT until July 2020
Sep. 2019 Co-organized the Hausdorff School on the Emerton-Gee stack, together with Arthur-César Le Bras and Johannes Anschütz
Apr. 2019 Speaker at the Paris Nord (Paris 13) Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
Apr. 2019 Speaker at the IMJ-PRG (Paris 7) Séminaire Groupes Réductifs et Formes Automorphes
Oct. 2018 Co-organized the Kleine AG on Travaux de Shimura, together with Felix Gora
Jul. 2018 Co-organized the Summer School on the Geometrization of the Langlands Program (after Fargues--Scholze) near Moscow, together with Arthur-César Le Bras and Johannes Anschütz
Jul. 2015 Co-organized the Alpbach Summer School on Special Cycles at the ETH Zürich, together with Michael Rapoport