Tibor Macko

Tibor Macko

Address:  Mathematisches Institut

     Endenicher Allee 60
     Universitaet Bonn

Office: 3.022

Email: macko (at) math dot uni-bonn dot de

I am a postdoc at the Universitaet Bonn in the Topology Group.

Book project:

Published papers:


WS 2014/15:

SS 2014

WS 2013/14:

SS 2013:

WS 2012/13:

SS 2012:

SS 2012 Bachelorarbeitthemen:

WS 2011/12:

SS 2011:

WS 2009/10 (Muenster):

SS 2009 (Muenster):

SS 2008 (Muenster):

  • Introduction to surgery theory, lecture, SS2008, Tue 10:00-12:00 , SR 5

Research Seminars:

Summer schools:

Slides of talks:

  • Automorphisms of manifolds and algebraic theory of surgery, NRW Topology Meeting, Duesseldorf, 24.11.2007, pdf

  • On fake lens spaces, Oberseminar Topologie, Bonn, 6.11.2007, pdf

  • On fake lens spaces, Oberseminar Topologie, Muenster, 27.10.2008, pdf

  • The total surgery obstruction III, Oberseminar Topologie, Muenster, 22.06.2009,pdf

  • Algebraic L-theory, GK summer school, THDM, Bonn, August 2013, L-Theory-I.pdf, L-Theory-II.pdf

Research interests:

  • automorphisms of manifolds

  • surgery theory

  • algebraic K-theory

  • calculus of functors