Sergei Iakovenko

Mathematisches Institut
Universität Bonn
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn

Room: N2.006
Telefon: +49(0)228-733308
E-Mail: iakovenk"at"
Group: Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

I am a PhD student in the Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry group working under the supervision of Peter Scholze. My interests are in number theory and arithmetic geometry.


  1. Representations of the Kottwitz gerbes.
    preprint 2021.

Published articles

  1. Vector Bundles on $\mathbf{P}^1_{\mathbb{Z}}$ with Generic Fiber $\mathcal{O}\oplus \mathcal{O}(1)$ and Simple Jumps
    Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 452, POMI, St. Petersburg (2016), 218–237; J. Math. Sci. (N. Y.), 232:5 (2018), 732–745.

  2. Construction of a linear filtration for bundles of rank 2 on $\mathbf{P}^1_{\mathbb{Z}}$
    Mat. Sbornik (2017), 208:4, 111-128. Sb. Math., 208:4 (2017), 568-584

Submitted theses (Abschlussarbeiten)

  1. Vector bundles on certain arithmetic schemes (in Russian)
    Master thesis, Saint Petersburg State University, 2017.
    Advisor A. L. Smirnov.

Unpublished notes

  1. A survey on vector bundles over $\mathbf{P}^1_{\mathbb{Z}}$ (2017)


Here you can find my CV.

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