WiSe18/19 S4A2
Graduate Seminar on Representation Theory

Cohomological Hall algebras

Meeting time Fridays 14:30–16:00, room 1.007

Prof. Catharina Stroppel

Contact persons

Dr. Hans FranzenDr. Gustavo Jasso

Organisational meeting Friday 12.10 @ 10:00, room 1.007
Date Speaker Topic
19.10 Till Hall algebras I: Introduction
26.10 Hankyung Ko Hall algebras II: Cyclic quivers
09.11 Tomasz Cohomological Hall algebras: Introduction
16.11 Tashi Cohomological Hall algebras: Symmetric quivers I
23.11 No talk Jantzen’s 70th birthday conference
07.12 Mark Motivic DT-invariants
14.12 Emily Cohomological Hall algebras: Representations
11.01 Matt Cohomological Hall algebras with an involution
18.01 No talk  
25.01 No talk  
30.01 Pieter and Hans  
01.02 No talk  
TBD Gustavo Cohomological Hall algebras: Symmetric quivers II