Organiser: Fabian Hebestreit
Office: 3.023
eMail: f.hebestreit at
Dates and Time: tuesdays, 08:15 - 10:00 am
Location: 0.003

Bachelor Seminar Topology


Every Bachelor student is required to give two 45 minute presentations with their advisor and preferrably also their second referee present. The first is meant as preparation, whereas the second will be graded, and the result enters the full grade for the Bachelor thesis. There will be two talks during each slot, with a short break in between.

Given the number of participants there will have to be two extra dates towards the end of the semester, but these will only be arranged once the teaching season has started again (parallel sessions are the mostly likely candidate).


First Round
Slot 1 (02.04.): Busch, König (Bödigheimer/Palmer-Anghel)
Slot 2 (09.04.): Monjon, Lachmann (Dotto/Schwede)
Slot 3 (16.04.): Babuschkin, Wieners (Lück/Kasprowski, Semikina/Lück)
Slot 4 (23.04.): Ergen, Schmitt (Ray/Teichner, Moreno/Teichner)
Slot 5 (30.04.): Wegner (Palmer-Anghel/Bödigheimer) starts at 9am!
Slot 6 (07.05.): Lutz, Tuna (Hebestreit/Bödigheimer, Schwede/Böhme)
Slot 7 (14.05.): Brocker, Skubella (Winges/Lück)
Slot 8 (21.05.): Flock, Yalcinoglu (Böhme/Schwede)
Second Round
Slot 9 (28.05.): Busch (Bödigheimer/Palmer-Anghel) starts at 9am!
Slot 10 (04.06.): Monjon, Lachmann (Dotto/Schwede)
Slot 11 (18.06.): Babuschkin, Wieners (Lück/Kasprowski, Semikina/Lück)
Slot 12 (25.06.): Ergen, Schmitt (Ray/Teichner, Moreno/Teichner)
Slot 13 (25.06.): König, Wegner (Palmer-Anghel/Bödigheimer) in room 1.008!
Slot 14 (02.07.): Lutz (Hebestreit/Bödigheimer) starts at 9am!
Slot 15 (02.07.): Brocker, Skubella (Winges/Lück) in room 1.008!
Slot 16 (09.07.): Flock, Tuna (Böhme/Schwede)