Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie - Representation Theory

Prof. Dr. Catharina Stroppel, Dr. Olaf Schnürer.

Time: Mondays, 16.15-18.00.
Place: Seminar room 0.007, Mathematik-Zentrum, Endenicher Allee 60.


  • April 15: Anthony Henderson: Quiver varieties of type D
  • April 22: Olaf Schnürer: Matrix factorizations and semi-orthogonal decompositions for blowing ups
  • April 29: Yuri Manin: Manifolds with multiplication in the tangent sheaf
  • May 6: we start earlier and have two talks!
    16.00 Olaf Schnürer: Smoothness of matrix factorizations.
    17.15 Wolfgang Soergel: Graded lift of tensoring with finite dimensional representations
  • May 13: (time will be announced in the weekly program)
    Matt Hogancamp: A quasi-idempotent approach to link homology
  • May 20: no talk, pentecost break
  • May 27: Vera Serganova: Classical Lie superalgebras at infinity
  • June 3: Nils Carqueville: Equivariant completion of defect bicategories
  • June 10: no talk
  • June 17:
    16.15: Arik Wilbert: From Springer varieties to Khovanov homology
    17:15 Gisa Schäfer: Extending Bar-Natan's categorification
  • Tuesday June 25:
    13.00 Joanna Meinel (Bonn): Highest weight modules and a Duflo theorem for generalized Weyl algebras
    14:30: Jonas Hartwig
  • July 1: Bonn-Kön-Algebra-Seminar (BKA)
    14:30: Martin Kalck: Rational surface singularities and special Cohen-Macaulay modules
    16:15: Bernd Sturmfels: Tropicalization of Classical Moduli Spaces
    17:30: Christoph Sorger: Slodowy slices and symplectic hypersurfaces
  • July 8: Josh Sussan: Braid group actions from Heisenberg categorification
  • July 15: