Young set theory workshop. Haus Annaberg in Bonn, 21-25 January 2008


The pictures are currently being updated so visit again for more. The names on the pictures are ordered from back to front and from left to right. The names are referring to the main/visible people in the picture. We thank Barnaby Dawson, John Krueger, and Assaf Rinot for contributing. If you have more pictures of this event, please email Dimitri (at)

Conference picture

conference picture

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Discussion sessions

Jouko Vaananen / Alessandro Andretta answering questions about their tutorials at a double sided blackboard:

Benjamin Seyfferth and Barnaby Dawson working:

Bernhard Irrgang explaining his results on morasses:

John Krueger and David Aspero working:

Andrew Brooke-Taylor and Sheila Miller working:

Gunter Fuchs and Christoph Weiß working:

Katie Thompson and Natasha Dobrinen working:

Jouko Väänänen and Juliette Kennedy working:

Paweł Kawa and Philipp Schlicht working:

Philipp Schlicht, Sheila Miller and Natasha Dobrinen working:



Participants enjoying the buffet and chatting under candlelight:

Jip Veldman, Sheila Miller, and David Schrittesser:

Alex Hellsten, Jip Veldman, and Natasha Dobrinen:

Yurii Khomskii turning pages for Jouko Väänänen and Peter Koepke:

Yurii Khomskii playing piano:

Yurii Khomskii playing piano


Other pictures

Assaf Rinot, John Krueger, Alex Hellsten, Luis Pereira, Matteo Viale and Alessandro Andretta in Bonn:

Christoph Weiß and Katie Thompson in Bonn:

Daisuke Ikegami, Neus Castells, Paweł Kawa, Alessandro Andretta, Jouko Väänänen, Juliette Kennedy and Alexander Primavesi after lunch:

David Asperó, Miguel Angel Mota and David Schrittesser before a talk:

Bernhard Irrgang and Tamás Mátrai:

Daisuke Ikegami, Neus Castells and David Asperó:

Ioanna Dimitriou, Barnaby Dawson, Andrew Brooke-Taylor, Heike Mildenberger, Martin Goldstern, David Schrittesser and Daisuke Ikegami having lunch:

Alessandro Andretta and Juliette Kennedy after lunch:

Bernhard Irrgang and Andreas Fackler after lunch:

Luis Pereira, Natasha Dobrinen and Ioanna Dimitriou after lunch:

Assaf Rinot and Neus Castells after lunch:

The fireplace in Haus Annaberg was lit almost every evening:

Miguel Angel Mota, Christoff Weiß, Bernhard Irrgang, Luis Pereira, Assaf Rinot,
Katie Thompson, Neus Castells, Sheila Miller, John Krueger, and Philipp Schlicht,
walking in the center of Bonn after the end of the workshop: