Young set theory workshop. Haus Annaberg in Bonn, 21-25 January 2008

Young researchers in set theory workshop

We organised the `Young Researchers in Set Theory’ meeting to give talented young researchers in set theory the opportunity to learn from experts and from each other in a friendly co-operative environment.

We used the term `young' to mean a PhD student or a post-doc (i.e., someone without a permanent position) and the term `senior' for a researcher with a permanent position.

With this workshop we aimed also to create a network of young set theorists and senior researchers who support their work in order to establish working contacts and to better disseminate knowledge in the field. We feel that this goal has been achieved.

The workshop took place in Haus Annaberg in Bonn. This is a conference center situated on an idyllic forest covered hill about twenty minutes from the center of Bonn. All areas of Haus Annaberg that were given to the workshop have been used by the participants for lively set theory discussions.


We are happy to report that the workshop has been a success even greater than we expected.

The discussion sessions were very lively, spontaneous and a significant amount of them went well into the night. The tutorial speakers were always present and willing to answer questions about their tutorials and to help with other problems of the participants. Other senior researchers joined in as well and were always very helpful. Several collaborations have been formed.

Our participants have shown great interest in the repetition of such an event.

This workshop is funded by BIGS (Bonn International Graduate School) and HCM (Hausdorff Center for Mathematics), with the organisatorial help of HIM (Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics). We thank these three institutions for their support.

Ioanna Dimitriou, Bernhard Irrgang, Katie Thompson and Jip Veldman