Mathematical Logic Group
(Department of Mathematics, University of Bonn)

Oberseminar Mathematische Logik

Sommersemester 2005


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21.4.2005 Bernhard Irrgang (Bonn) Moraste und Iterationen mit endlichem Träger
28.4.2005 Jip Veldman (Bonn) The smooth category and global square
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12.5.2005 Peter Koepke (Bonn) Ordinal Register Machines and the Constructible Sets
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2.6.2005 Ioanna Dimitriou (Amsterdam) TBA ACHTUNG: FÄNGT 14.15 AN!!!
Benedikt Löwe (Bonn / Amsterdam) The modal logic of forcing ACHTUNG: FÄNGT 15.30 AN!!!
-------------------- f ä l l t     a u s     (Computation in Europe, Amsterdam) --------------------

16.6.2005 Joel David Hampkins (CUNY, New York) The lifting property for large cardinal embeddings
Abstract. A forcing extension V[G] exhibits the lifting property if every (suitable) ultrapower embedding j:V[G] to N in the extension is the lift of an embedding j:V to M definable in the ground model. The main theorem is that every forcing extension with the approximation and cover properties has the lifting property. Such extensions, which are plentiful, therefore can have no new large cardinals witnessed by the existence of such embeddings.
23.6.2005 Jip Veldman (Bonn) Forcing Mutual Stationarity
30.6.2005 Jip Veldman (Bonn) Forcing Mutual Stationarity, Part II ACHTUNG: FÄNGT 14.15 AN!!!

Donnerstags um 16:30 Uhr im Seminarraum A (Be4).

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