Mathematical Logic Group
(Department of Mathematics, University of Bonn)

"A Taste of Torino"

Six members of the Bonn Logic group will be going to LC 2004 in Torino in the last week of July. Four of these will be giving talks; one invited plenary talk (Möllerfeld) and three contributed talks (Bold, Irrgang, Kanovei). We shall have the three contributed talks in our Oberseminar Mathematische Logik on July 22nd, 2004 as a Taste of Torino.

Abstracts of the three talks can be found in the Abstract booklet on the conference webpage.

After each of the talks (which are planned as 20 minutes talks including discussion) there will be some time for feedback and suggestions.

16:30-16:50 Vladimir Kanovei Fully saturated extensions of standard universe
(with Michael Reeken & Saharon Shelah) Torino talk: July 27th, 17:00-17:20
17:00-17:20 Bernhard Irrgang Higher-gap morassed and morass constructions
Torino talk: July 27th, 19:25-19:45
17:30-17:50 Stefan Bold AD and Descriptions of cardinals below Theta
Torino talk: July 28th, 15:40-16:00