Mathematical Logic Group
(Department of Mathematics, University of Bonn)

Determinacy & Cardinal Invariants

Sommersemester 2002

Prof. Dr. Jindrich Zapletal (zapletal (at)
Be6Zi16, Phone: 73-7793

This lecture course will be an intensive lecture course funded by the Bonner Internationale Graduiertenschule (BIGS-MPA). Professor Zapletal is visiting from the University of Florida at Gainesville from April 15 to May 20 and will give a course for advanced Master students and PhD students on his recent results in the area of forcing and determinacy.

Professor Zapletal will follow his monograph "Determinacy and Cardinal Invariants" and asks all interested participants to bring a copy of the monograph to the course. He also provided two preprints of recent joint work with Saharon Shelah that is relevant for the subject matter of the course. (DVI-File 1) (DVI-File 2) All students interested in this course are asked to prepare but looking at the three texts.

The course will meet Tuesday 14-16 in Seminarraum A and Thursday 10-12 in Seminarraum F during the time of the visit of Professor Zapletal. The first meeting of the course is April 18.

Last changed: April 10th, 2002