Lecture Series: "Descriptive Set Theory of Equivalence Relations"

As part of the Oberseminar Mengenlehre, Vladimir Kanovei will give an introduction to the Descriptive Set Theory of Equivalence Relations. This area of Descriptive Set Theory has mainly been developed by Kechris and Hjorth and is a very important area of research connecting Descriptive Set Theory to other (non-logical) fields of mathematics.

The course will consist of five lectures, given on the following dates:

October 26th, 2000 Part I SR B, 4 pm
November 2nd, 2000 Part II SR B, 4 pm
November 16th, 2000 Part III SR B, 4 pm
November 29th, 2000 Part IV SR C, 10 am
December 1st, 2000 Part V SR A, 10 am

In the Oberseminar on Thursday, Nov 30 (4 pm), Marc van Eijmeren will talk about a paper of Marcia Groszek and Ted Slaman that seems to be connected with Vladimir's talks.

The series is following a script of Vladimir Kanovei which can be obtained as PostScript file from this page:

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